ISO CertA Commitment to Quality

A commitment to quality is a commitment to our customers. Our commitment to quality not only comes from striving to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s needs, but also by ensuring that we have an appropriate quality management system in place.

We do not take our commitment to quality lightly, and this is reflected in our quality policy:

We are committed to develop quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment through cooperative efforts between our employees, customers and our community. We endeavor to provide products on time and at a competitive cost to our customers in an environment where customer and regulatory requirements are understood and met and a quality management system is established and maintained.

Quality Management System Requirements and Certifications

ISO 13485


TransducerWorks is experienced in working with our customers to meet their RoHS and REACH needs. Since our products are customized for each customer, we do not provide a blanket statement for RoHS or REACH, but will provide individualized certificates customized to meet our customer’s needs.