The heart of any ultrasound transducer is the acoustic stack. A well designed and built stack will have a high level of acoustic performance, and produce a crisp image. Our team has decades of experience designing and building custom stacks. TransducerWorks's innovative designs has made us one of the world's premier acoustic stacks designer and manufacturer.

Custom Stack ArraysThink of the acoustic stack like buying formal attire. You can buy and use something off of the rack, and it may work fine. But in order to make the clothes look their best, you need to get them tailored. This is the notion behind our acoustic stack design. We don't make generic off-the-shelf acoustic stacks because they won't perform as well. Instead we take time to design, test, and build our acoustic stacks with one question in mind: is this design the best solution for our partners? Our partners benefit because this ensures they receive the best ultrasound transducers possible, designed specifically to fit their needs. More importantly we believe that this ensures the end users, doctors, sonographers, veterinarians etc., are able to get the best possible images, so they can make most the accurate diagnosis and take the best course of action.

A key difference between us and our competition is that we are NOT a black box where money goes in and products come out. We are transparent with our partners who have access to their design files, project notes, statuses and schedules. We want our partners to be kept up-to-date so they can provide useful input and engaged. We believe that this process is a key success factor for any project and any partnership.