TransducerWorks mission is to develop ultrasound products that improve the quality of life. We don't label ourselves as an R&D company, yet research and development is what drives us forward. We are a solutions and product development company that does research to support product development. Our experienced team can tackle any challenge related to ultrasound product development.

Our past work has included:

  • Linear, phased and curved arrays for medical imagingpatents 300x200
  • 1.5 and 2 Dimensional arrays for medical imaging
  • Single element ophthalmic transducers for Pachymetry, A-scan and B-scan
  • Single element transducers for mechanical probes
  • CW and PW Doppler transducers
  • Array and single element transducers for non-destructive testing
  • Transducers for underwater applications
  • Composite ceramic materials
  • Transducer test systems

The bottom line is if your company deals in ultrasound at all, we believe that we can add value to your business.


TransducerWorks has developed a respectable and growing patent portfolio that we license out. The ideas from our patents generally start with a TransducerWorks technician or engineer noticing inefficiencies in a process. This leads to further research and experimentation, and ultimately, a working solution. Our patents range from how to more efficiently build ultrasound transducers to transducer designs that improve reliability, functionality, which leads to better performance for the end user.

Our patents benefit our partners in several ways. It ensures that the transducers we build and/or design are some of the best and most reliable ultrasound transducers on the market. Our methods and designs were so unique and revolutionary that we were granted patents for them.

In the long run, our partners benefit from our patents by receiving a lower cost of maintenance and ownership. More importantly, our stringent quality standards ensure that machines our transducers are connected to spend less time out of order, and more time in service helping people.