A-scans, also known as an amplitude scan is a basic but very useful application of ultrasound technology. In the medical industry this application is generally used in Ophthalmology, which deals with the studies of the anatomy & physiology, diseases, and treatment of the eyes. Ophthalmologist use a device called a pachymeter to measure the thickness of the cornea of an eye. Pachymeter's come in many forms from hand held devices that are battery operated to larger free standing units with a small transducer attached via a cable.

These single element transducers are critical in diagnosing and tracking potential ocular diseases and complications such glaucoma. Pachymeters are also used before and during corrective vision surgery to provide a guide.

Having the most reliable and accurate transducers is absolutely critical in a pachymeter. TransducerWork’s designs transducers for pachymeters and other A-scan to be both extremely accurate and reliable. Our transducers generally range in frequency from 10 MHz to 50 MHz, and are built to last. Our thorough design process allows us to create transducers that are the most accurate in the industry, while maximizing durability. We want to keep our transducers in the places where they are most useful, the hands of Ophthalmologists.