Phased ArrayPhased Arrays are arrays of ultrasound transducers that fire individual elements on the array in a specific sequence in order to direct the sound wave in a specific direction. While most modern multi-element transducer arrays including curved and linear arrays do employ some degree of phasing, they are considered different in their technology and how they function. A phased array ultrasound transducer typically will have a smaller footprint than a linear or curved array, but can still image a large area. Because of their smaller footprint, phased arrays are most commonly used in cardiac imaging because of their size and ability to image such a large area without having to move the actual transducer.

TransducerWorks specializes in developing custom phased arrays for our partners. What sets us apart from other phased array designers and manufacturers is our design process. We keep channels of communication with our partners open at all times. We work diligently to ensure we understand what our partners are trying to do, and then work with them to create the best product possible.