Ultrasound Solutions

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TransducerWorks is first and foremost a product development company. We develop products and solutions for our partners. Everything else we do, including research and development, is done so in support. That being said R&D is also a critical part of what we do. Our scientists, engineers and technicians love tackling new challenges, and it is something they do with an uncanny success rate. That is why our partners continue to work with us, and it is why future partners reach out to us.

We don’t provide off the shelf ultrasound transducer solutions because prior to our solution there often isn’t one. Whether it’s something as simple as a custom designed single element transducer, a complex phased array, a more reliable manufacturing process, or designing a transducer to do something that has not been done before, we want to be the ones to develop a solution for you. Our expert staff is always eager for new projects, and would love to work with you to derive a custom designed transducer solution that fits your needs.

TransducerWorks offers end to end ultrasound solutions. Thanks to our onsite manufacturing facilities, including a full machine shop with multiple cnc maching centers, we don't outsource prototyping or part building. In addition we handle small batch production runs. Whether you need 5, 50, or more than 1000 ultrasonic transducers, we can fulfill your order in house with the high level of quality that all of our current partners have come to expect.