Products That Improve The Quality Of Life

TransducerWorks was formed in 2007 by industry veterans with a vision. Believing the applications of ultrasound technology were limited only by the ability to devise new and creative methods to build transducers, the electrical component that sends and receives the ultrasound, the company's founders set out to apply their decades of experience to change the way the world thinks about ultrasound.

In the few years since, TransducerWorks has grown tremendously, adding a significant number of employees, designing and building thousands of transducers, all while building up a portfolio of ultrasound technology patents. The company has invested heavily in capital to support their efforts including acquiring several cnc machining centers to increase capabilities and production capacity. We have worked very hard to establish a reputation for extremely high quality reliable products with customer service second to no one. Most importantly we have by leaps and bounds gotten closer to our mission to develop ultrasound products that improve the quality of life.